320A New PUN Request

The OTC requires a 320A for all registration of new wells. Upon acceptence of the application a PUN number will be generated for the new well. The PUN (Production Unit Number) is a combination of 4 parts. The three digit county code, six digit lease number, one digit sub number and the a four digit mertge number.

Gross Production Log In

1. An account is required to register a new well. Loggin is required to comlpete this form online.

Gross Production Home

2. Once logged in, the home screen will appear. To create a new PUN, select the "New Registration (320A Form)" menu selection.


3. The user will need to complete all fields on the screen. Fields with an * are required.



An Operator has to be registered with the OTC to file a form online. Enter the FEIN and Operator Number, then click the operator look up button or tab to the next field to load the operator information. If a changed of address is required, enter the new address and select "New" address flag.



  • Lease Name is unique for by operator. Lease legal description is required for all wells.
  • If the well is an incentive well, the incentive qualifying date must match the well's first sale date (PART III, item e); if the well is a horizontal well spud prior to July 2015, the user must provide surface and bottom hole lease legal description. Surface hole requires 10 acres. Bottom hole should show all four (4) quarters.
  • An API number is required for all wells. The first three (3) digits of an API number is the county number. Osage county wells don't usually have an API number.
  • If the formation is spaced, the spaced lease legal is required.



  • Product code information is required. Purchser information will populate automatically by entering the purchaser number and tabbing to the next field. The earliest first sale date must match the incentive qualifying date if the well is an incentive well.
  • If requesting an assignment to an existing PUN, the existing PUN number must be provided. The existing PUN must belong to the same operator.

Gross Production 320A Error Message

  • Any errors or warnings will display at the top of the screen when trying to submit the form. Errors must be corrected before being submitted.


5. Once 320A has been submitted, a review page will display


6. Review the form for correctness. Once the data is determined to be correct, check the confirmation box and type your password to authorize submission. The password is the same password used to login to the system. A confirmation number and success message will display if successful.


7. Click "Print Friendly" button to print the form.


8. After successful submission of the 320A form, a new PUN is assigned. "Public PUN Search" link on the Gross Production Home page can be used to varify the PUN in our system.


9. Occasionally, the 320A form does not approve. A "Congratulations" message, indicating the form was submitted, but a PUN was not assigned will display. The possible reasons are:

  • The API number provided already exists in OTC records or is inactive in our system;
  • The total lease acreage entered is less than 160 acres;
  • The well has multiple lines in the lease legal;
  • The operator has an existing well with the same lease legal description;
  • Please do not resubmit the form! The form will be review by the OTC.


10. An OTC Representative will review and process the 320A form or contact the operator/authorized person for more information. An approved form will be sent to the operator upon completion.