320C Request Change

320C Request for Change form allows users to make changes to existing lease record information.

Gross Production Log In
1. The 320C form requires the user to login. If the user has not logged in, the login screen will appear.
Gross Production Home
2. Once logged in, the home screen will appear. To make changes to an existing PUN, click the "Request Change (320C Form)" menu selection. (NOTE: Use paper form 320U for all changes to a Secondary or Tertiary Project)


All fields with an * are required. Enter the operator's nine (9) digits FEIN/SSN, no spaces or hyphens. Tab or click to the next field and enter the five (5) digits Operator number. Click the operator lookup icon or Tab to the next field. All remaining fields will populate.

If the operator has changed their address, phone number, or email address, enter the new information and select "Yes" address flag.


4. Part II: Requested Changes

The 320C gives the user 7 options to change the PUN information.

A. Enter the fourteen (14) digits Production Unit Number (PUN), click the icon, or tab or click
in next required field.


B. Lease Name, Well Name/Number, Name of Formation, Lease Legal Description, Spaced
Legal Description (if any) will populate with current PUN information


C. To Change an existing PUN:

  • The PUN's last 4 digit numbers must be 0000.
  • Only checked options will be changed.
  • To change to another PUN, the user must use the "Reset" button below to clear the form.

D. At least one (1) check box must be selected for completion of this section. Additional
options will open for each box checked.

Gross Production 320C Cancel Product Code

5. Option C1: Cancel product code(s)

  • Select which product code to cancel and enter the effective date. For example, if user selects to cancel 05-Gas, all purchasers with product code 05-gas will be canceled in this PUN.
  • Operator entered in PART I OPERATOR SECTION must be the current operator for this PUN.
  • If user is deleting all active Product Code(s) for this PUN, user must also select option 2 "Cancel PUN".


6. Option C2: Cancel production unit number

  • Select shut in or plugged option and enter effective date. Once a PUN is shut in or plugged, all purchasers are inactivated as of the effective date entered.
  • The Operator entered in PART I OPERATOR section must be the current operator for this PUN.


7. Option C3: Change of operator - Please check checkbox 3 and 4.

  • Select both option 3 and option 4 to change operator.
  • Operator user entered in operator section must be a new operator for this PUN.
  • Former operator is current operator before change. Change effective date is required.
  • Enter purchasers for new operator.
  • Change of ownership of equipment flag need selected. It is defaulted "Yes".


8. Option C4: Add new product code(s) - Select any that apply .

  • Current operator can add any new product code(s) and its purchaser(s) to PUN. New Operator filing Option C3 (Change operator) is required to enter their product code(s) and purchaser(s).
  • Enter purchaser number and "tab", the purchaser name will load automatically.
  • If adding more than 3 purchasers, click "Add New" button.
  • The new purchaser's active date should be later than the PUN active date.


9. Option C5: Change of producing formation

To change/correct a PUN's producing formation overtype the formation listed. A spacing
order number may be added if missing in our record. When adding a spacing order number,
user must also add the spacing lease legal description in Option C7
(Change of legal description)


10. Option C6: Change or correction to well incentive code.

  • Do not select if well spud date on or after 07/01/2015
  • If PUN was spud before 7/1/2015, user may change the well incentive code and incentive qualifying date. User must specify whether it is a recompletion or a correction of a previous error.


11. Option C7: Change of legal description.

  • If the well is horizontally drilled, user must provide the surface and bottom hole lease legal description.
  • Enter surface hole 10 acre well spot.
  • If the well is spaced, it will have a spaced legal description.
  • If the well crosses multi sections, user can add additional lease legal(s) by clicking an "Add New Lease" button.


12. Complete the comments field with any additional information and click "Submit"


13. On this screen, the user will be able to see if the form has any errors or warnings.
The form will not submit until corrected


14. Once the 320C has been submitted, the user will get a confirmation 320C page

All fields on this page are read only. To edit the data, click "Edit Data" button to return to original page, make corrections and submit again.


15. If the data is correct, check the confirmation box and type your password to authorize
the change. The password is the password used to login.


16. Select the "Print Friendly" button to print the Approved 320C page.


17. Approved changes update the OTC record immediately and can be verified in the "Public PUN Search".


18. Sometimes, the 320C form was submitted but not approved. A congratulation message
will be received, but the PUN was not changed.
The possible reasons are:

  • In change operator, the former operator user entered does not match the former operator in our system;
  • Incentive qualifying code changes must be reviewed


19. An OTC Representative will process the 320C form. An approved form will be sent to the operator/authorized person upon completion. You may print the submitted form for your records. DO NOT RESUBMIT THE FORM