Mass Operator Change User Menu

Mass Operator Change (Mass Change) allows users to submit operator changes for 20 or more Production Unit Numbers (PUNs) with one request.

Gross Production Log In
1. Mass change requires user login. If the user does not log in, the login screen will appear.
Gross Production Home
2. Once logged in, the home screen will appear. To change the operator for multiple PUNs at once, click the 'Mass Operator Change' menu from the menu bar.

Enter new and former operator information in operator section. Before the change, the former operator is the current operator in OTC records.

Please note:
  • Once the operator is changed, the former purchasers set up by the former operator will be inactive. The new purchasers the user entered will be the new purchasers for all PUNs on the list.
  • Only active PUNs will be changed. Plugged PUNs will not qualify for the change. (Call 405-521-3674 if need any reactivated).
  • All * fields are required.
  • Choose a county (Item F) to submit each county separately. If county is not selected, all PUNs will be change.


  • Select a product code from the drop down list, then tab to next field.
  • Enter the company number of the new operator's purchaser of that product, tab to next field. The company name will auto fill.
  • Enter Tax Remitter number and effective date.
  • To enter more product codes, click the "Add New" button.


5. Mass Operator change gives the user three options to change the PUN.

Option 1: Display a complete list of PUNs registered to the former operator

  • Select "display a complete list of PUNs registered to the former operator", click "next".
  • All PUNs under "Former operator" will be loaded automatically from OTC records. It may be a large list of PUNs. To break down the list, please specify a county number in Part I, Item F and submit separate requests.
  • All corresponding split county PUNs will also load. Split county PUNs must be changed as pair. If you change one split county PUN's operator, you must change the other one too.
  • If the split county PUN is in error, contact OTC to fix the error before you continue with the change.


  • The system will load all the PUNs under the former operator and check all the boxes beside the PUNs to change by default. To remove some PUNs from the request, uncheck the box as indicated in the example below.

Gross Production Mass Change Confirmation

  • Once the data has been submitted, you will get a confirmation page. All fields on page are read only. Please review your entries for accuracy. If you need to edit the data, click the "Back" button to return to the previous page.
  • To submit, check the box, type the same password used to sign in, and click "AuthorizeChange" button. You will get congratulations page (see bellow).


6. Option 2: Manually enter a list of PUNs

  • Complete Part I Operator Information and Part II Product Information per previous instruction.
  • Select "Manually enter a list of PUNs".


  • Type in the PUNs to transfer.
  • There is a 20 PUN minimum requirement up to 45 PUNs.
  • All PUNs listed must be under the "Former Operator".
  • The last 4 digits of the PUN number are entered for you.
  • To remove a PUN from the list, check the "DEL" check box and click the "Remove From List" button.


7. Option 3: Upload a list of PUNs from file.

  • Complete Part I Operator Information and Part II Product Information per previous instruction.
  • Select "Upload a list of PUNs from file." (see Red arrow below)
  • You may view the file layout instruction from 1st page. (see Blue arrow)
  • You may download the file layout instruction at the Green arrows on 1st or 2nd page.


Gross Production Mass Operator Change Upload File Layout:

1. The upload file is a (sequential) flat txt file. The file extension is .txt.
2. It may only contain a list of active and shut in PUNs. Each line has one PUN only.
3. All PUN's have the same operator number. In the OTC records, all PUN's listed must be under the operator shown as "former" on the header.
4. The PUN number is a 14 digit number. The last 4 digits are always "0000".
5. The purchasers you added in the header section will be added to all PUNs on this list. Original purchasers will be inactivated.
6. If the lease crosses two counties (split county), you must list each county's PUN numbers.
7. Below is an example of how the file should look:


8. Click the "Browse..." button to navigate your files and select your PUN list to upload.


9. Select your file, click "Open", then click the "Upload" button.


10. The user will be able to see any errors and warnings prior to submission. You must correct all errors before submitting.


11. Once the mass change request has been submitted, the user will get a confirmation page. All fields on page are now read only. If the user needs to edit the data, click the "Back" button to return to the previous page.

12. Confirm the data is correct, check the confirmation box and type your password to "authorize" the change. The password is the same password used to login to the system.


13. Print the mass change page by clicking the "Print Friendly" button.


14. A congratulations message is received after the form is successfully submitted. The request is saved for review. Changes to the PUNS will be completed by an OTC auditor and an approved report will be sent to both operators.